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Florida Process Servers?

Summons & Subpoenas delivered quickly. Status updated, I’s dotted, T’s crossed. Isn’t it time to rely on a Service of Process provider that see it that simply?

A Step Above Traditional Service Of Process

At 360 Legal, our goal is to become a trusted Process Server partner for our clients. We understand that the legal services we provide represent your firm and that frequently the Process Server is the initial contact that your firm has with a defendant.

Our staff of Professional Process Servers leverage our knowledge, experience, comprehensive Service offerings and Innovative Technology to deliver key Legal Services for our clients

ervice Of Process For Debt Collection

Our Technology Platform

360 Total View

When you need to know, now, no questions, no delays, no phone messages, and NOW. 360 TotalView™ is your own client portal giving you immediate access to all account information, most importantly, the up to the instant status of your Service of Process.


If you hate paying for process service to a bad address, you’ll love THEIA! Industry leading software employing “Big Data” for the most up to date employment and home address information.

360 Integrate

Need more than accessing your portal ? 360Integrate pushes status updates into your inhouse Client Management System “automagically”. You data, in your software.

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360 Total View™

We Created a System Just for You!

360 TotalView™ is our industry leading client portal. We began with the end in mind and created a system that is specifically tailored to our clients needs no matter the service sector. With 360 TotalView™ you always have the most current information.

  • Initiate Service Requests
  • Monitor Service Updates in Real-time
  • View and download all case related documents
  • Update Special Service Rules
  • Manage Service Costs
  • Compliance, Real-Time Vendor Report Card

Built on industry standard technology, 360 TotalView™ is available for multiple platforms. Manage your cases from the Cloud, Desktop, or Mobile with ease. This allow our clients to stay monitor critical deadlines and critical service metrics. Ensuring we begin with the end in mind, allows you to manage your client’s case load and get your papers served while managing critical cost and vendor management requirements.

Relax, It’s 360 Legal!

Process Server Sarasota

360 Theia™

We see your Address and give you a Better One

At 360 Legal, we strive to exceed your expectations with our unmatched service timelines. Each service request we receive is scrubbed by our proprietary defendant location technology, THEIA™, that sees through old or outdated location information. Your defendant’s address is compared to over 1 million records of previous service information and other public records. This information is then presented in TotalView™ portal or transmitted back to your firm CMS.

THEIA™ reduces time to service and first legal metrics by reducing unsuccessful attempts and the associated costs, but it increases staff productivity by ensuring service is done correctly – job after job. Ensuring we begin with the end in mind, allows us to get your papers served the first time – every time.

Relax, It’s 360 Legal!

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360 Integrate™

Let’s Connect

Our experience, reliability, and comprehensive services are only as good as our communication! Our Legal Services System, 360 TotalView™ is based on industry standard technology that is augmented with our own rules and management interface. It easily integrates with any current Case Management System to provide our clients the most up to date service capabilities in the industry:

  • Real-time Service Status
  • Exchange service updates and case documents in Real-Time
  • Provide eFiling of supplemental pleading and affidavits
  • Custom Reporting and Notifications
  • Manage Compliance, Real-Time Report Vendor Report Card

Have a special need, our IT staff and industry partners are experts with a wide array of CMS systems and what is necessary to trade service status and documents with our clients.

Let us show you how to Connect!

No matter what your platform – Relax, It is 360 Legal, we have you covered.

Financial Compliance Is A Must

Remaining in compliance is critical not only for our role as process servers, but to our clients who rely on us to help them keep their promises. Prior to hiring TAG Process Service, Inc., a client of ours discovered they were not in compliance in a handful of key areas after one of their financial institution clients performed an audit on their organization. In that audit, their process server at the time was found to be out of compliance and was given 6 months to remediate.

Once it became clear they would be unable to meet the required standards for process serving, our client was forced to look for another process service company. They called several other large Florida collection law firms and discovered most of them worked with our team.

The following week they scheduled an on-site audit as our interview and hired us immediately after learning we were not only compliant according to the rules and regulations, but we offered the services and expertise to support their growing needs. By teaming with us, they were able to keep their large financial institution clients and continue to remain compliant to this day.

Looking for a True Relationship-Based Process Server?
360 Legal is absolutely dedicated to earning the position of your “go to” process server.

About 360Legal

Florida wide Process of service, headquartered in Sarasota, FL
Process Servers, with a personal touch.

Relax, it is 360 Legal!

At 360 Legal, our goal is to become a trusted Process Server partner for our clients. We understand that the legal services we provide represent your firm and that frequently the Process Server is the initial contact that your firm has with a defendant.

Process Serving Experience & Reliability

Our Process Servers have on average a decade or more experience in the default industry. We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two! Our goal is to become an extension of your staff so that we can work hand in hand as your cases move through service and to eFiling. Our Service of Process offers more than just processing your documents. Our experienced staff of Professional Process Servers reviews each document to ensure it is properly formatted and contains all the necessary information for a successful, quash free service.

Comprehensive Service of Process Offering

We have specific services tailored to each of our service sectors. Few, if any other, Service of Process Firms understand the intricate differences between foreclosure, collection, family, tenant, and insurance practices. Each of our service offerings are designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Innovative Process Technology

Our Service of process platform, 360 TotalView™ and our proprietary address scrubbing technology, Theia™, were designed over several years using extensive input from our clients and technology partners. All of our technology is completely focused on improving our client’s metrics and service commitments to their clients. We know what you need and how you need it, because you told us.

Myth – A Defendant must accept the legal documents they are served with, to be a legal “Service Of Process”.

ideas about Service of Process. While obviously is is preferable to place the documents in the hand of the recipient, There are many that would attempt to “hide” from the process server.

Process Servers are held accountable for a wide variety of regulations, however, Florida recognizes “Drop Service”.

[T]he petitioner is required to serve the petition, along with a copy of the Order Requiring Answer and the rules, on the respondent in the manner provided by law for service of subpoenas issued by the circuit courts of Florida. (Rule 1.410(c), Fla. R. Civ. P.) Service over the respondent also may be made in accordance with Chapter 48, Florida Statutes.

“Delivery” does not require that a copy of the documents and petition be placed in the hands of the respondent or another person. In Haney v. Olin Corp., 245 So.2d 671 (Fla. 4th DCA 1971), the court stated…

“…. It is our view that this purpose is fulfilled and the statutory requirement of delivery met by the facts of this case. An officer’s reasonable attempt to effect personal service of process upon a
person in his own home, when the person reasonably should know the officer’s identity and purpose, cannot be frustrated by the simple expedient of the person closing the front door in the officer’s face and willfully refusing to accept service of process…”

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5-Star Experience!

Very helpful people to work with. We implemented a data integration process with 360 Legal and could not be happier. All of our jobs are handled promptly and professionally and they have a very courteous staff taking care of things. I recommend working with 360 Legal to anyone interested or contemplating it.
Scott F. Avatar
Scott F.
Mike is awesome. Our firm has hired him on several occasions and we are very happy with his work. His prompt serving, helpful, professional and always in communication. I recommend him highly!
Diana R. Avatar
Diana R.
So pleased that 360Legal took care of our needs during Safer At Home restrictions. Thank you to the team
Jens F. Avatar
Jens F.
5 star service ! prompt serving, helpful, professional . I recommend him highly , they had our subpoenas out 30 mins after I sent them to him
Lorrie B. Avatar
Lorrie B.

Meet 360 Legal’s Founder

Mike Weaver

As President and CEO, I am focused quash proof Delivery of Service to our clients, by using excellent “boots on the ground, coupled with instantly notifications through advanced software, We look forward to delivering on that promise for you. Fill in the form to the left today to get started.

As President and CEO, I am focused quash proof Delivery of Service to our clients, by using excellent “boots on the ground, coupled with instantly notifications through advanced software, We look forward to delivering on that promise for you. Fill in the form to the left today to get started.

See Why Our Clients Rave About Our Process Service

Process Server Reviews

Carole W.

360Legal provides speedy and easy to use Process Service that is flexible, and very transparent with nearly instant reporting. It is very helpful for us to be able to track the status of our process service jobs, especially when they are time sensitive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to hire a process server?

A legal process server ensures that your documents are delivered affordably, legally, and on time. Process service does not cost a great deal but can save you a great deal of legal hassle. A process server is a good investment to make if you are serious about your case.

Isn't Process Service a Commodity service, why would one company be better than another?

Service of Process dates back to the days of the Magna Carta in 1215! That’s over 800 years ago. Sometimes it feels like there are firms that have not changed in the 800 years that there’s been “due process”! The difference is clear if you’ve ever been on the wrong end of a Service of Process left hand turn. Simply put – Speed makes a huge difference. Using automation to make sure that your firm ALWAYS knows where we are in the process, and ALWAYS knows when papers have been served. Flexibility, Transparency, and speed are the hallmark of a great Process Service experience.

What happens if we cannot find the other person?

If the court date comes and you have not been able to serve the papers, you should give the judge a written list of all of the ways you tried to serve the respondent. The list should include dates and places where you tried to have the respondent served. Places can include the home, the place of work, or the school of the respondent, or any place else where you think the respondent may be. The judge may set a new date for the case and ask you to keep trying. Or the judge may say you can serve the papers in another way.

Easy To Find & Convenient Hours

Office Hours

Monday              8:30AM- 5:30PM

Tuesday              8:30AM- 5:30PM

Wednesday        8:30AM- 5:30PM

Thursday            8:30AM- 5:30PM

Friday                  8:30AM- 5:30PM

Saturday            Closed

Sunday               Closed

Note that Process Servers will operate within all hours that the law allows for Service of Process. The above hours are strictly office hours.

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