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A Civil Cover Sheet, also known as a Case Information Statement is a document that is filed with a court clerk at the commencement of a civil lawsuit in many of the court systems of the United States. It is generally filed along with the complaint. Some states use similar documents for criminal cases as well.

The purpose of a Civil Cover Sheet is to let the judge and court clerk know what type of case is being brought by the parties so that they can better prepare for the case to come to trial. Some courts put different types of cases on different “tracks”, to place limits on how long discovery they should take.  You can click here to see a sample cover sheet for Family Court Cases under the Florida Family Law Rules and Procedures.

If the lawyer filling out the Case Information Statement makes a mistake, or if circumstances change or new information is discovered, the party wishing to amend the statement may do so by making a motion to the judge in charge of the case.

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